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To be able to use our buildings effectively for ministry and mission it is important that people feel welcome.

We are aware that it costs a lot of money, time, and effort to care and maintain church buildings, especially if they are a Listed building.  

We encourage you to engage with your local and wider communities by using your church buildings in different ways. Many people may be initially drawn to the church because they are interested in looking after historic buildings or proving support to other local people.  

To help with the care and maintenance of your church building, you will find on these pages our guide to some practical steps that can help. Following these steps can release some of those costs and pressures on the parish. 

IN THIS SECTION – Providing a Warm Welcome

Church Buildings

Buildings for Mission

Information, resources on welcoming visitors, Heritage Tourism and ‘Champing’

Church Buildings

Festival Churches

Guidance for churches that find it difficult to maintain weekly services but still want to celebrate the festivals

Church Buildings

Major Parish Churches

This section is not yet complete