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A Quinquennial (5-year) Inspection can help identify problems that need maintenance & repair. It is important that the PCC appoints an approved architect to undertake the Quinquennial Inspection of the building, which the Churchwarden is responsible for organising. 

QI Guidance from the Church of England

Do I really need an architect?  

In almost every case, the answer has to be yes! Your architect or buildings surveyor is a trained expert in their field and has a specific understanding of historic buildings. Any work that affects the fabric of the church building, its fixtures, fittings, and furnishings should be planned in consultation with your architect or surveyor, and they need to be involved in any faculty application. They will only not need to be involved with very minor works and maintenance that is covered by a List A matter.  

Your architect inspects the church building every 5 years for the Quinquennial Inspection (QI) so they will have a clear understanding of the layout of the church, its history, and any problem areas that need to be given consideration. If you involve your architect in the early stages of a project, they will be able to advise and guide you, and give clear plans and drawings plus written reports if required.  

What to do once you receive your QI Report? 

Architects are now also expected to consider steps to Net Zero as part of their recommendations in Qi reports.