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Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

Safeguarding policy and procedures must be comprehensive and robust for all church bodies in our diocese. We are here to help you with this.

Your policies and procedures must cover promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults, working to prevent abuse from occurring, seeking to protect those who are at risk of being abused, responding well to those who have been abused and taking care to identify where a person may present a risk to others. 

Parish Safeguarding Handbook

Key safeguarding responsibilities for parishes are outlined in the House of Bishops’ Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance

What is included in this handbook?

  1. Parish Roles and Responsibilities
  2. What can a Parish Expect from the Diocese?
  3. Abuse and Neglect of Children
  4. Abuse and Neglect of Adults
  5. Safer Recruitment
  6. Safeguarding Training
  7. Responding Promptly to Every Safeguarding Concern or Allegation
  8. Caring Pastorally for Victims/Survivors of Abuse and Affected Others
  9. Caring Pastorally for Church Officers who are the Subject of Concerns or Allegations of Abuse and Affected Others
  10. Responding to Those who May Present a Known Risk to Children, Young People or Vulnerable Adults within a Christian Congregation
  11. A Safe Environment and Activities
  12. Use of Social Media
  13. Further Help and Guidance
  14. Appendix – Further Information on Vulnerable Adults

Safer Recruitment Policy

An essential part of our commitment to promoting a safer church is to ensure that all those who work and volunteer in our churches are suitable. Find out more

Church of England Resources

Safeguarding e-manual

The e-manual contains the latest Safeguarding Code of Practice,  House of Bishops’ Safeguarding Guidance and good practice advice, and should be everyone’s first port of call for any queries. 

Other resources