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A Safer Church 

This site gives you safeguarding principles from the Church of England A Safer Church 

Church Risk Assessment Toolkit 

Developed by the Diocese of Sheffield – Everything you need to carry out risk assessments in your church.  Learn the following in 90 minutes: 

  1. What is a risk assessment? 
  2. Benefits of carrying out Risk Assessments  
  3. How to do a risk assessment well including a template and worked examples 

Dashboard guidance 

Safeguarding Dashboards were developed by Clearly Simpler Limited for use within the Church of England. 

Safeguarding in the Church of England has changed considerably in recent years, and is likely to continue changing in the foreseeable future. New policies and procedures are making churches safer, but they have also brought a significant increase in the amount of administration for safeguarding officers.  

Safeguarding Dashboards is addressing this challenge by making safeguarding administration simpler for everyone. It is available free of charge to Church of England churches in our Diocese. 

Access to Safeguarding Dashboards is by invitation only. Learn about dashboard invitations, and what to do if something goes wrong. Find out more

Contact us to request access