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 The Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce published in 2021 states that: 

Racism is a sin. In seeking to address the sin of racism in our church we do so seeking to follow a biblical imperative which we share with all followers of Christ. 

Our work is not a battle in a culture war but rather a call to arms against the evil and pernicious sin of racism. Our mandate flows not from identity politics but from our identity in Christ. This is our primary identity and it is in the character and being of Christ that we find the reason and motivation to combat racism. We recognise that the image of God, present in humanity at creation, is disfigured by sin. Sin leads to estrangement from God, self, and others, furthering fractured relationships. We share together the understanding that racism is a sin. Racial sin disfigures God’s image in each one of us. Racial sin dehumanises people by taking away their fundamental God-given human dignity. Wherever racial sin flourishes systematically, either in society or in our church, we must challenge it together. We must repent of racial sin, turn away from racism, and be reconciled, so that we may all experience the love of God

Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce

Sheffield Diocese is called to grow a sustainable network of Christ-like, lively and diverse Christian communities in every place which are effective in making disciples and in seeking to transform our society and God’s world.

If the Church is to remain faithful to its Lord, it must make a decisive break with the structure of this society by launching a vehement attack on the evils of racism in all forms. It must become prophetic, demanding a radical change in the interlocking structures of this society

James H Cone

Our Diocesan commitment 

Racism is a sin, therefore as a Diocese we are committed to the following action: 

  • We will be proactively anti-racist, in our practice as a Church and a people of God and as citizens of this nation and the wider world. 
  • We will challenge and combat the evil of racism in all its forms, including structural racism, in society and in our Church. 
  • We will stand up against all forms of behaviour and attitudes which dehumanise our siblings in Christ because of their ethnic group or racial identity. 
  • We will seek to ensure equity regarding racial justice, and to celebrate the roles of people of UK/ME and Global Majority Heritage (GMH) in the life of the Diocese. 

We hope that every mission area (PCCs, Groups and Committees) will uphold our shared commitment to racial justice by:  

  • Actively welcome people from all ethnicities and backgrounds: that they may find a place of belonging in which their gifts are received for the building up of the church. 
  • Enable, equip, affirm and empower people of Global Majority Heritage, to be actively involved at all levels of church life, for in Christ we are one people of many backgrounds, cultures, and gifts. 
  • Address the power imbalance between people of different races and cultural identities prevalent in our churches and church structures, to become a diocese that truly celebrates diversity and full inclusion. 
  • Reject structural racism in culture and practice, whether openly seen or hidden, by listening to those affected, educating ourselves and actively promoting anti-racist behaviour. 
  • Ensure that training, for clergy and laity will include Global Theology and we will equip all trainers and clergy for this work. 
  • Inspire all God’s people to live as Lights for Christ, that we may become a church of racial justice makers, healers, reconcilers and enablers; who share a passion for Christ and are guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit to develop a culture in which we become the body of Christ together. 

The culture we will nurture within the Diocese 

In order for these principles to become embedded in our daily experience we commit to the following: 

  • All are tasked with the oversight of anti-racism in the diocese, reviewing and monitoring progress within our parishes and institutions. 
  • Every parish/mission area must take action on racial equality and racial justice. 
  • Enable participation and vocation in Global Majority Heritage communities across the Diocese. 
  • Use all platforms to speak out against racism. 
  • Promote liturgical resources for racial justice; include Global Majority Heritage clergy in preaching and teaching at diocesan events and within our parishes. 
  • Facilitate increasing Global Majority Heritage clergy and lay representation within decision making bodies within the Diocese. 
  • Announce and denounce the sin of racism in society and in church and advocate for racial justice.