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Our Schools

The Church of England has always been concerned with education in many forms and the history of Church schools began when the National Society for the Promotion of Education was founded in 1811. Our involvement in education throughout our history flows out of the Church of England’s vision to provide education and learning to all. Our work with children and young people, Church of England schools, our involvement in further education and higher education, and our founding and development of the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership all share this common history.

List of our schools and their websites

What is an Academy?  

An academy is a school that runs independently of the local authority, often as part of a group called a MAT (Multi Academy Trust). They still operate much like local authority schools in the past but within this new governance structure that will include directors, who effectively run that academy’s trust.  Done well, these trusts provide a community that enables schools to work together. 

Some academies have sponsors such as businesses, universities, other schools, faith groups or voluntary groups. Sponsors are responsible for improving the performance of their schools.