Sheffield Cathedral

Every diocese in England has a Cathedral which is the 'seat' of the diocesan bishop but is run independently. Deans are in charge of Cathedrals, assisted by Canons and supported by a Greater Chapter including lay appointees.  Sheffield Cathedral is the 'seat' of the Bishop of Sheffield.  It is operated by the Dean of Sheffield, The Very Revd Peter Bradley.

The Cathedral stands in the heart of Sheffield, serving the city, the Diocese and the wider region.

In 2014, it saw the end of extensive refurbishment works to renew the interior of the Cathedral to create a brighter, more welcoming building which is fully accessible to everyone.  It also houses the Cathedral Archer Project, which offers ministry to serve the poor, homeless, and vulnerable of Sheffield.  It also offers space for mission through the arts, music, and education, and is a valuable resource for the city and region.

As the Bishop's church in the Diocese, the Cathedral aims to support those within in leading the mission of the Church of England.  It caters to many different styles of worship, all of which seek to find a language to bring our lives to the Lord, and to reveal God more fully in the world.

If you are an enquirer or an historian, a person of vision or a weary traveller, you will be welcomed into the Cathedral community to worship God. Sheffield Cathedral is a place for all people.

The Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul

Church Street

Sheffield S1 1HA
Tel: 0114 275 3434
Fax: 0114 279 7412