Our strategy sets out a map for how we might realise our vision for the Diocese by 2025.  The REJUVENATED part of the strategy has two aspects:

  1. The age demographic of our members is uneven: we are overdependent on older people and need to engage more younger people.
  2. The ‘institutional age’ of our parishes themselves and their congregations is also uneven. We need urgently to plant new churches and congregations and to nurture ‘infant’ fresh expressions.

To this end we will:

  • identify and invest in 12 ‘resource churches’ by 2025, to champion the founding of new congregations, using a variety of models and expressing the full diversity of traditions;
  • establish 25 new congregations in each archdeaconry by 2025;
  • identify by 2020 and establish by 2025, 25 new congregations in CofE schools;
  • engage an additional 2500 children and young people through the Centenary Project by 2025, bringing at least 250 to baptism and/or confirmation;
  • recruit 10 BAME ordinands/ordinands with disabilities by 2025;
  • ensure that 10% of licensed lay and clergy leaders are aged under 40 by 2025;
  • prioritise the health and strength of the mission God in our 25 most deprived parishes.