Statistics for mission

Each year the national church asks parishes to collect a range of information about the number of people coming to church through the year and at special times, about baptisms, weddings and funerals, and about the worshipping community of the church.

Why Collect Statistics ?

Good quality statistics can present a facts-based window on the world, as well as helping to predict where things might be heading for the future. They can help with forming strategy, show whether current strategies are working well and highlight where more support might be needed.

Statistics can help us see more clearly what the church and the community we serve is like and inform the planning for the mission and ministry of the church.

Statistics can also help the wider church put her resources in the right place. They can help us to share good news widely, inside and outside the church.

Good statistics are a powerful weapon in the mission and ministry armoury of local parishes, dioceses and the national church. Not for nothing do we call them Statistics for Mission!

If you are new to Statistics for Mission, you can download a helpful introduction here.

How we collect the statistics

In the Diocese of Sheffield we use theChurch of England online Parish Returns system to submit both their Statistics for Mission and Financial Summary Returns.  Most parishes enter the information directly onto the system, others who are not able to do this send their forms to Diocesan Church House where they are submitted for you.

The website address is and a full user guide to the system can be downloaded below.  If you have not used the web-based system before and would like to know your password please contact Karen Colley at Church House (

If there are any problems with the system, email

Statistics for Mission has retained the same core questions as used previously. There are prompts to enter ‘unknown’ or ‘not applicable’ responses to avoid unnecessary queries later, and the guidance is more prominent and directly adjacent to each question.

If you prefer to complete the forms in paper form, they can be downloaded below.

The National Church requests that the forms be completed and returned to Karen Colley at Church House by 31 January 2017.

Statistics for Mission Form 2016

Web user guide