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Harry Steele

Chaplain to the Bishop of Sheffield

Across the Diocese many retired clergy help and support parishes by leading worship and preaching at services.  


‘Permission to Officiate’ is the bishop’s authorisation given to someone ordained who doesn’t have a licence. Typically, Permission to Officiate (or PTO for short) is given to retired clergy but there may be other clergy in the diocese who don’t have a license who want to seek PTO to help preach and lead worship across deaneries, Mission Areas and parishes.  

To begin to apply for PTO contact the Bishop’s Chaplain (see above).  

Key Resources

You may find the following downloads useful…

  • PTO Application Form – use this to apply or renew your PTO. You will also need the ‘Statement of Agreed Expectations’ form.
  • Statement of Agreed Expectations – these are agreed with your ‘designated responsible person’ (Vicar of local parish, Area Dean, etc.) and are to ensure expectations of ministry offered are managed.
  • PTO Ministerial Return – once a year  in January you are requested to use this form to share with the Bishop an idea of the ministry you have offered in the previous year.