Salt & Light in the Diocese

Salt and Light is the term we apply to our work in seeking to transform the world around us. In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus called on his followers to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We encourage every parish to have a Salt & Light Rep on their PCC to be a champion for this outward focused work and join our twice annual network meetings at Church House (see Pete’s Story here). Salt and Light is a key priority for us as a diocese and its importance is emphasised in one as in one our four policy documents:

South Yorkshire is one of the materially poorest areas of Western Europe. Across our diocese many churches and individuals are striving to make a difference to peoples lives. Churches are engaged in a wide spectrum of social action projects: from hosting food banks, to supporting Credit Unions, from homeless projects, to providing lunch clubs for isolated elderly people, from toddlers groups, to providing free lunches for students, from mental health projects, to becoming dementia friendly communities. We all have our part to play in this important work of building up the Kingdom of God.

Church Urban Fund hosts an interactive map which shows information on local Salt & Light organisations. Maybe there is a project in another church which inspires you? Maybe you could start something in your own church? Do you have a good news story of how your church is making a difference to people in your community? Please do get in touch and share it (

If your organisation would like to appear on the map, please click here and submit information about your project. This map is a great resource and could help your project attract further volunteers and support.