Our strategy sets out a map for how we might realise our vision for the Diocese by 2025.  The RELEASED part of the strategy has two aspects:

  1. To release parishes as far as possible from current constraints (eg administrative and compliance demands; of inherited structures and buildings);
  2. To liberate untapped potential of individual disciples and whole congregations; of buildings (for wider community use); and to make the most effective use of our concentrations of greatest resource (church schools, universities, the largest churches).

To this end we will:

  • seek to increase Common Fund receipts from £4.3 million to £5.1 million, doubling the number of contributors who give above their own local ministry costs;
  • review Ministerial Development Review papers in 2018 for clergy to include questions about a) annual leave and rhythms of rest;and b) PCC endorsement of the investment of time in inherited and/or emerging church activities;
  • participate in the National Church ‘Setting God’s People Free’ learning community programme;
  • review the 2019 Common Fund system;
  • review the work of Diocesan Church House to make mission easier and so seek capacity to support compliance issues.