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Security and safeguarding on Zoom

There are several things you can do when setting up or running a Zoom meeting to keep yourself and your attendees safe and secure.  

Keep uninvited guests out 

When setting up a meeting, you should always: 

  • set a password for your meeting. 
  • avoid using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI). 
  • avoid sharing meeting links on social media or in public places. 
  • set up a waiting room so you can check who is joining. 

Manage your participants 

Once your meeting has started, there are still things you can do to stay safe: 

  • lock your meeting – this prevents anyone else from joining. 
  • restrict who can share their screen – the whiteboard will be disabled, too. 
  • mute participants individually or all at once. 
  • turn off file transfer – this includes pictures, GIFs and memes. 
  • remove unwanted or disruptive participants. 

Keeping young people safe 

Children and young people under the age of 18 are not able to create a Zoom account. A parent or guardian may, however, allow the child to use their account with supervision. As a meeting host, you schedule the meeting and send the invite link to the parents/carers of the young person.

If you have further questions on safeguarding, get in touch with the Safeguarding Team.