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Our Internship’s Year So Far

St thomas Kilnhurst

Evie has been an Intern with us in September, on placement with Lydia at St.Thomas church in Kilnhurst, and helping to run our Rotherham/Sheffield Youth Hub, now she is a term in we asked her to share some of what she has been to so far.

  “So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship with the Centenary Project. I am currently placed in St Thomas’ church in Kilnhurst, which has many groups running throughout the week. On Tuesdays, the church runs a parent and toddler group called ‘Tommy’s Tots’, where the children come to play together, sing nursery rhymes and learn gospel truths. I like how well planned each session is, thinking of which toys link to the story to be put out to play with and crafts and nursery rhymes that link too. It is amazing to see how the good news is being taught in a way that is understandable to toddlers, yet is still very powerful. I enjoy talking to the parents about Jesus and the love that he has for them, as well as their willingness to listen and ask me questions. 

On Wednesdays the church runs an afterschool club called ‘sparklers and rockets’ for primary school children. I mostly work with seven to ten, year olds. Every week we think of active and exciting games that are relevant to the Bible story we are teaching that week, and a craft that visually explains the story they have learned. I appreciate the questions they ask during the teaching, as it shows that they are listening and are willing to understand how each story affects their lives. I always get amazed at some of the children’s Biblical knowledge as well as the patience that they have for those who do not possess the same amount of knowledge as them. 

The final regular group is called ‘Ignite’. This is a Bible study group for teenagers on Friday evenings. Though the attendance is low, the youth that do come are very happy to learn and enjoy their time in the group. I enjoy the discussions we have on a certain reading from the Bible, as well as diving into some theological knowledge. I have enjoyed seeing their spirituality grow and genuine inquisitive minds into what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how they contribute to his kingdom.

On top of the regular groups, the church sets up children’s events like the light party in October. I am glad that I can help out with craft activities and be a part of something that puts a smile on a child’s face. 

Overall, I love that children bring out a fun atmosphere to the church and the true family feeling comes with it. I am so glad that I work in a church where I can see disciples fully supporting one another no matter what age or ability a person has. Everyone is very friendly, and I am truly blessed to get to work there.”

– Evie Gillot 2022-2023 Intern