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New Youth Group in Wombwell

People Shopping in Wombwell High Street, Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England,14th Sept 2019

In Wombwell there was a need for a youth group and that’s exactly what CPW Steph has done.

She recognised that there aren’t many places for young people to meet up and have fun in Wombwell. There has also been a rise in vandalism in the area, so as a way to try and help the young people of Wombwell, Dare 2 Be was launched. It’s aimed at reaching some of the youth that used to come to church but ‘grew out of it’ and those that are on the fringe of leaving.

The first session was held at the end of January with five young people attending. They have been playing all sorts of games both in twos and as a group. Steph said “The young people all enjoyed the ‘fat penguin’ rounds (because what breaks the ice better than a fat penguin!)”. There was a really good feel to the group and they young people are excited to come back. One young person has already asked when the next family service is so that they can attend.

Steph added “The goal of the group is to grow together in friendship and confidence and helping them to cope with the everyday life of being a young person with help from the scripture in an open and fun way. This is a new venture with so much possibility for the young people in Wombwell and we can’t wait to see where God takes us.”

It is still early days for this group and they are enjoying getting to know one another but it is good to be able to do Christ’s work in Wombwell and reach out into the community. In time they are planning to be able to explore the gospel, but for now they are focussing on growing as group and having fun!

Please hold Steph and Dare 2 Be in your prayers