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The Hollowford Trust invites applications for larger awards of up to £2,500 for exciting, larger-scale youth projects, trips or events!

Youth workers and young people alike are invited to apply for this award to fund (or part-fund) a project, event or trip that falls within our existing charitable objectives and would have a significantly positive impact on the lives of many young people.

We hope to receive applications from:

  • Youth workers working in partnership with others
  • Larger projects or events that will benefit many young people
  • New creative projects which will provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

You can apply for this using the standard application form, and choosing ‘£2,500 award’ at the start of the application.

Find out more about the Hollowford Trust

If you have any queries about the Hollowford Trust or the application form contact Mike North.

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Mike North

Children and Young People's Adviser

The HOLLOWFORD Trust: Charity No: 523918. Sheffield Diocesan Church House, 95-99 Effingham Street, Rotherham. S65 1BL