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  • Begin the year by looking over your Parish Inspection checklist – to see what needs updating? Inspections are on a 3-year cycle – your Area Dean will know when yours is due or email your Archdeacon’s PA.
  • Update yourself by working through the Churchwarden Toolkit – there is a really good section near the beginning about what makes a good Churchwarden which +Pete covers.
  • Look out for news of Maintenance Workshops and book yourself on.
  • Sign up to receive the weekly Diocesan e-bulletin where you’ll find lots of information.
  • Motivate your Sunday teams for the coming year – have a team-building get-together after the business of Christmas.
  • Take a look at the Church of England online Services Register – the digital equivalent of keeping a paper Services Register book. It is available within


  • Think about succession planning – who might be a good deputy warden to train up to become a Warden?


  • The Church Representation Rules have all you need to know – they are a vital tool for all those involved in parochial, diocesan and national Church governance. The new Rules were completely redrafted so that they are now easier to understand!



  • Look out for mailing to all Churchwardens from Archdeacons’ Office re: Visitation services and Articles of Enquiry.


  • There are four Visitation Services to choose from for the Annual Swearing-in of Wardens (every warden must be sworn in following election) – 17 June , 19 June , 24 June and 27 June 2024.
  • Look out for Archdeacons’ News magazine at the venue.
  • Saturday 15 June 2024 – Conference for those newly-elected to the role of Warden – look out for info on the e-bulletin.
  • Work on your Articles of Enquiry.



  • Articles of Enquiry deadline.
  • Think ahead to Christmas – begin to plan and prepare.


  • Encourage PCC members to book a place on the Diocesan Development Day on 5 October 2024.



  • Saturday 16th November 2024 – Don’t miss the Annual Churchwardens’ Conference. Information will be emailed to you.