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Parish Governance & PCCs

Deanery and Parish Structures 

For the smooth running of parishes, a robust decision-making and accountable structure has to exist at the smallest local level.

Typically, the local committees are: 

Deanery Synods 

Every three years, members of the church councils within the Diocese elect representatives to the deanery synods.  In turn, deanery synods then elect members to the diocesan synod. The main functions of deanery synod are to discuss and reflect on matters of the Church of England as they affect the deanery.  The Diocese of Sheffield has 12 deaneries. The Synod acts as a forum for the airing of parish views on any common problems, the communication of diocesan synod decisions, the consideration of relevant business and the referral to diocesan synod of matters of concern. It usually meets twice a year. 

Parochial Church Council (PCC)  

This is the elected governing body of an individual parish. Typically, each parish has one church. Each PCC is a corporate charity and all those not exceeding £100,000 annual income are currently excepted from registration with the Charity Commission. 

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