Church of England Schools and Academies are a vital part of the work and ministry of the diocese. They provide education for the children and young people of South Yorkshire and East Riding. There are currently 39 primary schools and 1 secondary school in the Diocese of Sheffield educating about 8,300 students.

The Diocese of Sheffield Board of Education (DBE) is committed to the development of effective collaboration with, and between, our Church Schools; to the celebration of the excellent work that has been, and will be, carried out in our Church Schools; and to the supporting and enrichment of Church Schools’ distinctive offering of teaching and learning within a Christian context.

The Diocese has five areas of mission in relation to schools:

  • Cultivation of Christian distinctiveness in the ethos and practice of our schools
  • Securing of excellence for all children, with schools meeting and, in time, exceeding, core expectations
  • Strong leadership and capacity to improve within our service
  • Networking leading to excellence through the sharing of school-to-school development across the diocese
  • Offer of service beyond the diocese through schools affiliating and drawing upon our provision, in the wider community

This translates into four expectations in all schools:

  • distinctively Christian ethos
  • attaining floor targets in all three measures
  • good or outstanding teaching
  • leadership, with vision, that delivers.


Common Commitment - presentings our definition of church school distinctiveness and what it will look like in practice

The Vision for Education - A national report that captures views from Sheffield and elsewhere, presenting the Church of England’s vision for education.

Hands on Vision - Helen Matter, School Adviser for the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, presents a child and adult friendly way of unpicking the church’s vision for education.


Map of Sheffield Diocesan Schools