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Clergy Handbook

At the end of January 2011, significant changes occurred in the way in which clergy hold office in the Church of England. These changes were the result of a number of years of careful deliberation concerning the way to deal appropriately with the issues that have developed from the increased level of legislation in the secular world which affects the employment of individuals and groups. The handbook contains both new information and existing information which has been brought together to form one document. The handbook contains a range of matters that apply to all clergy and that are not directly linked to clergy terms of service. Although not all sections apply to all clergy, many sections will apply to both stipendiary and non-stipendiary or self-supporting clergy.

Clergy Handbook

Clergy Handbook Appendix 2 - Fees

Ministerial Development Review

MDR is a requirement for clergy on Common Tenure and a recommendation for those who are not on Common Tenure. However, we want to operate as far as possible a single scheme across the Diocese.  We have retained the system of everyone being reviewed every two years by a member of Bishop's Senior Staff, but please feel free to request a more frequent review if necessary. The new policy document can be downloaded below. The new pro forma for self reflection (attached below) should be used for all reviews. You will also have the opportunity as part of the review process to gather external perspectives on your ministry and a feedback form to gain responses from other people can be downloaded below.

MDR Summary 

Self Reflection Form

MDR Policy

MDR Consultation Form

Marriage of Non-EEA nationals from 2 March 2015

The following applies to preliminaries to marriage in the Church of England.

From 2 March 2015, where one or both of the parties to an intended marriage is/are non-EEA nationals, the couple must obtain either a superintendent registrar’s certificate (“SRC”) or an Archbishop’s special licence to authorise the marriage.

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Marriage after divorce

A pro-forma document for writing to the Bishop of Sheffield with information about proposed marriages of divorced people can be found below.

Marriage request

Dignity at work

The Bishop’s Council has endorsed a dignity at work policy aimed at reducing bullying and harassment in the Diocese of Sheffield. The policy can be downloaded below.

Dignity at work

Clergy Legal Defence Summary

A copy of the summary of cover from Ecclesiastical that is designed to assist the clergy insured under this policy.

Policy summary (2018 update)