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Bishop Steven's 60 second Easter Sermon

A quick Easter Sermon from Bishop Steven.

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Faith Stories: 'Natter' helping isolation in the over 60s

Since 2010, ‘natter’ has been reaching out into the local community to break down isolation among the over 60’s and help them to reconnect to church or find faith for the first time.

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Bishop of Sheffield

Grave Talk

Some of the hardest conversations we will ever have are about death.  How do you begin even to raise the subject with those you love?  How do you talk about your deepest hopes and fears, your dreams for your life, your pain and anxiety, your concern for those around you? Talking about death isn’t easy for anyone these days.  Earlier generations didn’t share our hesitation.  There is a line in the old Prayer Book which says: “In the midst of life we are in death”.  For my grandparents...

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Bishop of Doncaster

Protecting the most vulnerable

Over the past few weeks I’ve been visiting various groups and organisations around the Diocese of Sheffield.  Two of the visits were to food banks which I’ve written about before, but make no excuse for doing so again.  In an ideal world, of course, we wouldn’t need food banks and other charitable means of help and support. As I listened to the recipients’ stories I was deeply moved by their reflections, especially in relation to the impact of reductions in benefits and the devastation...

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Lively and diverse Christian communities

The Diocese of Sheffield is made up of Church of England organisations located throughout South Yorkshire and the southern parts of the East Riding of Yorkshire. It comprises parishes, schools, chaplaincies, missional communities and other organisations all united by their common Christian faith.

It is an Anglican diocese that is made up of a diverse community of mission-focused people who are seeking to transform their lives, and the lives of others, by sharing the Christian faith.  Since the creation of the diocese in 1914, the shape of the villages, towns and cities may have changed but the people are still vibrant, energetic and passionate about serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a diocese we have been called to grow a sustainable network of Christ-like, lively and diverse Christian communities in every place which are effective in making disciples and in seeking to transform our society and God’s world.  Every day around the diocese, dedicated, creative and passionate people are working together in the mission of God.

On this website you can find resources and information relevant to all aspects of Christian life, churches and parishes, schools and wider ministry. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact Church House, our administration centre, on 01709 309100.