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The Bishop of Sheffield goes electric!

Bishop Pete next to blue car

The Bishop of Sheffield has taken delivery of an electric car, as part of efforts to go greener in the Diocese of Sheffield. The order for the Skoda Enyaq was originally made over a year ago, but was delayed due to a shortage of materials for the vehicle.

Charging points had already been installed earlier this year at Bishopscroft, and will be at the ready to charge the Bishop’s new car.

In a statement, Bishop Pete says:

“Bishops are provided with a new car every four years, and I was invited to place an order for mine in May 2021, in readiness for the due date in October 2021.  I made a decision at that point to go electric, because of my determination to reduce as far as possible my own carbon-footprint, as we seek, as a Diocese to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.  

“Unfortunately the delivery of the car has been delayed by over a year, I’m told on account of a worldwide shortage of superconductors.  So I’m delighted to hear that it is now ready for delivery.  We had two charging points installed here at Bishopscroft about six months ago, and they’ve had almost no use since then, so it will be good to start using them at last!

“It’s a Skoda Enyaq.  I’ve driven Skoda’s for well over a decade now — our own car is a Fabia and my first episcopal car is an Octavia.  The Enyaq is at present the only Skoda option in the range offered to bishops, so my choice was quite easy.  I gather the driving experience is a bit different behind the wheel of an electric car, so I am looking forward to the learning-curve!”