Diocesan Grants

Learning Grants

Various other sources of funding are also available and should also be approached. Click here for more information.

Grants Mailing

As an addiction to the resources below, we also produce a fortnightly mailing summarising new grant opportunities as we become aware of them. To sign up click here.

Ongoing Ministerial Development (OMD) Grants

OMD Grants of £225 per annum for clergy and stipendiary lay ministers towards the cost of an annual retreat and an OMD event provided beyond the Diocese.

Sabbatical grants of £825 for three months OR £400 for a shorter period of between a month and three months which include the annual OMD grant. The maximum number of grants is relative to the equivalent of 6 x £825 grants.

Four postgraduate study grants of £750 per year subject to Episcopal approval.

Applications to Revd Dr Bill Goodman, bill.goodman@sheffield.anglican.org and Contact:  Trish Stafford, Administrative Support on 01709 309147 or trish.stafford@sheffield.anglican.org.

 Grant Application Form

Grants for Buildings 

The Diocesan Advisory Committee has information about and links to a number of sources of grants funding for building project  click here to access that page.

Centenary Project 

If you are seeking funding for a youth or children's worker, you should first consider becoming part of the Centenary Project.  Please visit this page and read through the criteria to see if your parish could benefit from this new project that is seeking to see a step-change in the way we minister to young people and children in the diocese.  If you don't feel you fit that criteria, you may still approach the Grants Committee for funding towards a youth and children's worker or for any other reason.

General Grants

There are a number of other diocesan 'funds' you may apply to, and it is not necessary to specify which the application is for, the Grants Committee will match with what is appropriate.  All applications must give a clear explanation of what is proposed and provide detailed costs and budgets.  The project must:

  • be relevant to the work of the Church in the Diocese, in particular the Diocesan Vision and Strategy
  • be linked to your Mission Action Plan
  • ensure any supplementary questions have been answered in such a way as to convince the grant-making group that you have a fair chance of delivering your project competently
  • establish a plausible route by which your proposal could result in the growth of the church
  • answer all questions on the form in such a way as to give a clear and full picture of your intentions
  • if this is your intention, indicate how will the project continue in the future

Grants Committee has limited funds at its disposal and aims to steward these responsibly. Grants are made where applications have demonstrable merit, meet an urgent need or are thought likely to deliver lasting and substantive impact. When applications are being considered, careful note is taken of the applicant's finances: accounts are looked at, as is the budget proposed for the full period of the grant, and the deployment of any reserves. For applications from churches, the Committee seeks assurances that parishes are up to date in their Common Fund Pledge and contributions, or have agreed a clear strategy for recovery. Grants awarded are usually no more than £5,000 per year for up to three years.

Applications should be sent to the Grants Committee Secretary, Karen Colley, at grants@sheffield.anglican.org to arrive at the latest by 5pm on the Monday of the week before the meeting. Any late applications may be added to the agenda on a case by case basis

The committee is due to meet on the following dates in 2019:-

26th February, 17th June & 22nd October. 

Please note we have introduced a revised Application form for general grants for 2018. Please use the buttons below to download the form, which includes guidance on how to complete.

Application form.doc      Application form.pdf

Grants for Godly Play

Grants of up to £400 for Godly Play resources are available for churches (of all denominations) in the Diocese of Sheffield who are developing, or wanting to develop, a Godly Play ministry. All are encouraged to apply, but priority will be given to churches doing some work with schools or community outreach.

Grants of £150 for individuals living in the Diocese of Sheffield to attend accredited training are also available. These grants are available on a rolling basis.

For further details and an application form please email Kathryn Lord kathrynlord22@gmail.com

The Hollowford Trust

This fund aims to assist young people aged between 10 and 25 years who are resident in, or near the Diocese of Sheffield, to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capabilities, so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and so that their conditions of life may be improved.  Individuals can receive up to £300 and groups up to £400.

Application form and guidance notes

St Agatha's Community Kickstart Fund

St Agatha’s Community Kickstart Fund exists to help small groups with church connections. Grants, usually to a maximum of around £500 are awarded to enable people to meet the costs of setting up initiatives.  This might include:

  • Equipment for a playgroup.
  • Refurbishing of a kitchen for an elders’ group.

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The Vicars Relief Fund

The VRF is a crisis fund that is to be used as a last resort. It funds activities that assist someone in securing a stable tenancy. For example, where rent arrears have put someone at risk of becoming homeless, a grant from the VRF can remove the threat of eviction. Where someone who is in temporary accommodation or street homeless and needs help putting together a deposit, a VRF grant can make that happen. The VRF also makes grants for essential items such as beds, cookers and fridge freezers where this will help someone secure a new tenancy after a period of homelessness. In some instances they fund Debt Relief Orders/Bankruptcy, when associated with imminent eviction only.

Application by support agencies only on behalf of individuals. Contact: Julia Alder, Administrative Support Team on 01709 309133 or julia.alder@sheffield.anglican.org