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John Marsh

Mission Development Adviser

What is a ‘Starter’?

Starters are those always seeking to solve problems, improve methods and find more in life. They possess a holy dissatisfaction that keeps them wanting things to be different. Their faith, the church and their understanding of God’s purposes are subjects they often contemplate.

They’re driven by vision, excited about unseen possibilities and skilled at inspiring others to share this excitement. Starters have a knack for seeing the bigger picture and initiating action where its needed.

However, they sometimes get bored and tend not to stick with one thing for too long. Despite these traits, starters are crucial for progress, especially within the mission of the church.

Support for ‘Starters’

The church needs starters for it to evolve creatively and keep up with changing times. Most people accept things as they are but starters desire change. As George Bernard Shaw noted: reasonable people tend to be content with the status quo, whereas unreasonable people want things to be different and so all progress depends on them.

We want to support the ‘Starters’ across the Diocese and will shortly be starting a pathway to train and equip you in this important calling – in the meantime get in touch with John Marsh, to register your interest in support for ‘Starters’.