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There are over 150 Readers within the Diocese of Sheffield, the vast majority of whom are in active service in almost every Mission Area. 

The Reader Support Team

Here to help

Toby Hole

Director of Mission and Ministry

Reader ministry in the Diocese is supervised by the Director of Mission and Ministry (Toby Hole), the three Wardens of Readers (Peter Rainford, Beryl Adamson and Giles Morrison) and the Executive Committee of the Readers’ Association. 

The executive committee meets four times a year and oversees the work of Readers in the Diocese, arranges OMD and pastoral care and advises the Bishop on matters relating to Readers. 

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Readers Association AGM takes place in the first week of June every year. At the AGM five-year licences and those with Permission to Officiate (PTOs) are renewed and long-service certificates are handed out. 


The role of Warden of Readers is shared between Peter Rainford (Rotherham), Beryl Adamson (Doncaster) and Giles Morrison (Sheffield). The three wardens meet with the Director of Mission and Ministry regularly to discuss matters such as pastoral care, administration and training. The wardens are responsible for arranging the AGM and the three-yearly reviews. They are also a point of contact for concerns by Readers and will do all they can to give helpful advice and a listening ear.