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WebFresh! is here to help you develop an effective and manageable church website.

We only get one chance at a first impression…

In our digital age, people often come across us online before they meet us physically. This is especially the case when people consider visiting a church.

Effective church websites make the most of that opportunity by being an authentic expression of a church’s central message and presence. A new church website can demonstrate the same sense of welcome that we would hope a visitor receives as they are greeted at the church doors for the first time. Your church website can be an extension of your church’s mission and ministry and the first step to a more effective and manageable church website is to recognise that opportunity.

Where do I start? Who should I speak to? What should I say to them? How much is it going to cost? How should we measure success? Can’t we just improve our current website?”

Maybe you recognise these common questions. A project like this can quickly become an overwhelming list of unanswered question. Developing your church’s website can feel like a lonely and endless journey with very little direction.

The journey to an effective church website doesn’t have to be a lonely one. WebFresh!, the Diocese of Sheffield’s church website consultation service, is a great way to gain clarity and direction as you develop your church website. Although, this service cannot produce a website for you, WebFresh! can be a vital support along your way. The service is designed to help you develop a focused understanding of your next steps towards a new website and provide you with the support you need as you take them.

So how does WebFresh! work?

  • Submit a short, online WebFresh! request form.
  • In response to the information provided, we will assess your current website.
  • We will arrange to visit you and discuss the opportunities and challenges of developing a new church website or suggest improvements to your current website.
  • You will then receive a bespoke, PCC-friendly WebFresh! Recommendation, detailing the most balanced and manageable approach for the development of a new and effective church website.
  • Where desired, you will receive personal ongoing support from us to consider and implement the recommendation, as well as support over the course of the project timeline.

Find out more about digital mission in the Diocese of Sheffield or speak to our Advisor, Graham Sandersfield.