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New HR Manager: “this is the best move I’ve ever made!”

Ben Mays

The Diocese of Sheffield’s new HR Manager, recently appointed to the role, has been busy helping to install new HR processes and has been familiarising himself with each aspect of the role.

Ben Mays joined at the end of January, following his passion for HR since leaving Sheffield Hallam University in 2017. Born in Aylesbury, Ben and his family moved to Doncaster when he was 3, where he has lived most of his life.

Ben brings to the role a wealth of experience in different sectors, including Tech, Healthcare and HR consultancy. His qualifications include CIPD Level 7 in Employment Law and an MBA from Keele University.

Following University, he worked for the Peninsula Business Services, providing advice to small and medium sized companies across the UK. His roles included working in the field as a field consultant, going out to businesses and setting up contracts of employment.

His passion for HR then took him to a consultancy business called EPM, working with trade unions and the education sector. He also did a short interim position at a tech company, helping with HR reporting and getting more involved with staff turnover and employee net promoter scores (eNPS). He then went to work for a private NHS hospital in secure mental health services.

On what drew him to the Diocese of Sheffield role, Ben says:

“I wanted to find something closer to home for me; my grandma was a Christian and a strong influence on my life, and so working in a faith-based sector was a route I wanted to follow. When I saw the role come up I was really interested, because it’s not like any other job that’s out there in the industry. Coming to the Diocese is certainly the best move I’ve ever made.

“My immediate priority was to look at the HR function as a whole, and because my role had been vacant for some time there were a lot of processes that needed to be put in place. I quickly got to work at understanding the whole of the Diocese and I started getting a full outline of all of staffing here. I’m pleased to say we’ve managed to launch our official HR process recently.

“I’ve shifted my focus now because I’m starting to go out and visit parishes and people, and getting to understand some of the PCCs and their HR needs. I’m picking up a lot of central themes of what everyone’s after from the HR provision, and I’ve found a lot of people aren’t aware of what they’re able to use as part of the HR service. Promoting that service, understanding what those needs are and serving them as the Diocese’s vision is really important. I’m also keen to support the work that’s already ongoing with clergy wellbeing.”

Ben is an avid reader and writer, and has just finished his first novel. He enjoys socialising with friends, including quirky activities such as axe throwing and escape rooms. He is also a gym regular and considers fitness to be important to his routine.

Welcome to the Diocese of Sheffield, Ben!