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New Diocese of Sheffield website goes live

The old site was launched way back in 2014. It has served us well over the years but as our strategy was launched in 2018 it started to show that it no longer served our parishes as well as we would have liked. We have been able to do this development thanks to funding from the national church through our Transformation programme. Our key priority throughout the review and development process has been to make it easier for people in parishes to use the site and access resources to support mission. 

The review process started back in January 2022. After rigorous consultations with several organisations the web developers Ink and Water were selected to deliver the new website.

The team has been busy over the last year and a half planning the website and hosting various user testing sessions with clergy and lay people. We have listened closely to people’s questions covering multiple groups within the diocese and are confident the new site will significantly improve user experiences.

We have also streamlined our three websites into one. Yes that’s right we had three websites! The Lights for Christ and St Peter’s College websites will be merged into the main Diocese of Sheffield site. The St Peter’s learning materials will still be incorporated onto the new site, and archive pages will still be accessible.

The look and layout of each page of the website has been upgraded, with the search option improved to enable easier access to key information. The refresh includes more personalised sections and a simplified way of contacting the relevant person or department for each query. Navigation has been redesigned and news and events across the diocese have been presented in a more accessible way.

Director of Communications and Acting Diocesan Secretary LJ Buxton said:

“I couldn’t be more delighted with how the new website has turned out. A lot of hard work has gone into this thanks to the dedication of team members and the valuable input of clergy and lay people in the user testing sessions. 

“The new site is a vital tool that will help support the realisation of our diocesan vision. Whether you’re a committed Christian, someone new to faith or someone exploring faith, we want this website to serve you and to helpfully answer any questions or concerns you may have.”