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New Congregation: celebrating worship in Urdu

Urdu New Congregation

How did the idea for an Urdu New Congregation come about?

The diversity in Doncaster is increasing, and people of Pakistani and Indian heritage are coming to work and making Doncaster their home. Hence, there is a need to provide a place to worship and fellowship for the newcomers in the language they feel comfortable with. They are coming together to worship in Urdu and gathering a congregation of Pakistani and North Indian heritage people in Doncaster St James Church Hall (also known as the Railway Church).

What’s the response been like so far? Are people excited?

We had a very positive and encouraging response to worship and fellowship. People are excited to worship in their own language, build fellowship, and support each other in every possible way they can.

What are the main needs of the local community?

We meet to go deeper in spirituality, grow in our faith in loving and serving God, and build healthy relationships with each other to welcome, help and guide new families settling in Doncaster.

What are your hopes for the New Congregation moving forward?

We aim to grow as people of hope, increase in discipleship and number by shining as “Lights for Christ”, and share the love of God through Christ in loving service to all God brings to us and to the people who live along River Don in South Yorkshire. We will come together once a month on the second Sunday of the month as well as on special church feasts like Easter, Christmas, etc, to worship in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi and have fellowship. This new congregation will be one of 75 new congregation in our diocese. 

What advice would you give to other churches thinking of similar initiatives?

We can help make contact, build friendly relations with new people and help the church address cultural challenges and language barriers. Every area and community has different needs; our team will offer advice and support to church leaders who want to start similar initiatives. We can organise days or events to help you think about the needs of your community, what might work and how to do it. We warmly welcome all those who would like to learn more or simply experience cross-cultural worship; come and see. Be bold and confident to take the initiative, undergirding everything with prayer.

You can read the translated version of this article into Urdu here.