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Mission Incubator: re-focusing our calling

Starting New Things

Do you know, sometimes you have so much going on, you need to stop and take a breath and re- focus.

Well it was one of these moments, when I attended one of the Mission Incubator sessions on offer to Churches in the Diocese of Sheffield. I was drawn to the session because it felt as though it was something that was there to support, and would hopefully be able to pinpoint one or two things to move further forward with.

I was invited to share a brief outline of my ministry and what was happening, with the session led by Mission Development Adviser John Marsh and Reverend Ali Middleton.

Let’s be honest, sometimes I don’t get much time to talk with colleagues about what is happening in the parishes.

At the Mission Incubator session, I felt listened to, and lots of encouragement was given.

Then I was asked a simple question: why have I come tonight?

This made me stop, think and focus on the key areas that I needed peer support with. I was looking at a number of different things that I was doing with the churches, looking and trying to find ways of reaching out to the community rather than waiting for the community to come to us.

We then worked on a couple of areas, notes were made and within 30 – 60 minutes, I had a number of options on how things could move forward.

This helped me develop my thoughts and future strategies and ideas in supporting the churches where I minister, to enable both churches to understand mission as a ‘whole church’ approach and the responsibility of all.

With the support of ‘Mission Incubator’ the focus developed into a ‘Call to Service’.

The process was friendly, supportive and I did not feel any pressure or pressed by suggestions. It allowed for clarity, focus and gave me a moment in time to mull over things. Coming together with others was really helpful because it was more like a ministry team providing experience and layers of knowledge over the years that you could tap into.

Some notes were made on a flip chart, that I was given to take away before we ended in prayer.

I would recommend the Mission Incubator as a good couple of hours well spent, especially if you have something missional you need to mull over and to pray for guidance with fellow leaders. It won’t be the last time I visit: maybe I will see you there.

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