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Bishop Pete visits local Sheffield charity

Bishop Pete with staff at the Snowdrop Project

Bishop Pete has been spending time with staff and service users at the Snowdrop Project this week, a Sheffield-based charity which supports and empowers survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery in South Yorkshire.

During his visit yesterday (Thursday 7th December) Bishop Pete spent time with frontline staff at Snowdrop, who deliver casework support, counselling and community activities for survivors, to find out more about their roles. The Bishop was keen to learn more about modern slavery in South Yorkshire, the work that Snowdrop does and how survivors can best be supported to recover from their experiences and rebuild their lives. During his visit, Bishop Pete also met and spent time with some of Snowdrop’s service users in an art workshop, which provided a first-hand insight into the support and sense of community that Snowdrop provides for survivors.

Rachel Medina, CEO of the Snowdrop Project, said:

“We were so pleased to be able to show Bishop Pete around the Snowdrop Project’s offices. The Bishop was really interested in learning more about the work that we do and how recovery is different for every survivor that we support. Bishop Pete demonstrated a clear passion for equity and a strong commitment to the anti-slavery sector within Sheffield. His interest in raising awareness of modern slavery – and the gaps in support for survivors locally – was clear to see. We hope that Bishop Pete found his visit to Snowdrop engaging and insightful, and we look forward to working together in the future.”

Bishop Pete said:

“I was delighted to learn more about the Snowdrop Project. It was a rich and valuable visit from my point of view.  This is a project punching above its weight on behalf of some extremely vulnerable people, offering sustained support often in the wake of severe trauma. I came away uplifted by my conversations with staff and survivors and deeply grateful for the Project’s work.”

The Snowdrop Project provides long-term, holistic support to empower survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery to recover from their experiences of exploitation. Through casework support, befriending, counselling, community activities and house renovations, the Snowdrop Project enables survivors to build brighter, stable futures.

Last year, Snowdrop supported 160 survivors and 85 children through their recovery journeys. To find out more, or to support the Snowdrop Project, visit