Youth Group Insurance

For many years the diocese has offered a separate Youth and Children’s Group Insurance through Ecclesiastical.  Due to discounts no longer being available, and the fact that over the last few years there have been fewer and fewer parishes opting for this insurance, it has been decided to end this service.  The present scheme for those currently insured ended on 31 December, 2013. Parishes could be fully insured through their Ecclesiastical Parishguard insurance.  It is so important to be insured, so take time and get covered.
There are other insurance options, including the local council.  Sheffield City Council has recently offered to help with groups struggling to insure their youth group activity. For more advice, Ecclesiastical can be contacted on: 0845 777 3322 (Mon – Fri, 8am – 6pm). Ask for the Church Team.

Some helpful guidelines on Ecclesiastical's insurance can be found here.