Making Doncaster’s Young People Shine

300 young people gathered at the end of a week of mission into three secondary schools in Doncaster to dance, sing, shout and respond to God’s challenge to follow him.

Two Christian bands (LZ7 and Good Weather Forecast) visited De Warenne Academy, Danum Academy and the Hayfield School for a week towards the end of term time to enthuse young people to make positive choices in life, address bullying and consider how God sees them.  

Rebecca Staples, Headteacher at Danum Academy spoke very highly about the week, “It’s been absolutely right for our students.  Because the music’s engaged them, it’s made them open to listening to everything else.”

Principle at De Warenne Academy, Gill Pollard agreed, "The kids have loved the music, but principally they are getting the messages that the bands are putting across.  The kids have seen it as a treat… so it’s a win win situation for all of us.”

Hundreds of pupils from each school encountered the loud music, catchy tunes and interactive lessons which culminated in a concert at Legacy Church on the Friday evening, where around 100 of the young people responded to the God-message presented by LZ7’s front man, Lindz.

“This week has been an amazing experience for young people in our diocese.” said Children’s and Young People’s Adviser, Mike North.  “We have worked with the Make Your City Shine team from Sheffield, and the Doncaster Schools Work Trust to make it all happen and hope that more of our Anglican churches will support and connect with this project in future years”.

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