Top tips

As you work through the detail and possibilities for this year, bear in mind these five things:


Pray for five:

Through the year, choose 5 people to come to know Jesus personally and keep praying for them

Give a Gospel:

You might ask, 'Why bother?' Research shows that a significant percentage of people came to faith simply by reading the Bible for themselves.

Invite - then invite again:

Do we give up too easily? Do we stop when we've had one refusal? Without becoming a bore, don't give up inviting your friends to things - and make it sound worth coming

Practise hospitality:

Genuinely love people, aim to bless them, treat them to good food and great hospitality. Hopefully this is how your church will be known but do it as an individual anyway. People are much more likely to return to a place where they felt really welcome.

Look at what you do through the eyes of an outsider ...

This isn't easy to do. We're so familiar with what we do; we understand the jargon and the sub-culture. Maybe you could ask a friend who isn't part of your church to tell you which things strike them as 'odd' or 'alien' and think whether you could do things differently to make your events and services more accessible to visitors.