Season of Invitation

Season Circle"Inviting someone you know to something you love."

The national Back to Church Sunday team has launched a new initiative called A Season of Invitation'which complements the Sowing Season of our Diocesan Growth Cycle.  This has been launched with the aim of encouraging a culture of invitation, making the most of opportunities presented by this season in the church year.

It is an extension of the original idea of a single special invitational event in September, to a series of five separate events between September and December, each with supporting resources. The other occasions are Harvest, Remembrance, 'Christmas starts' and Christmas itself.

Back to Church Sunday has made a great impact in this Diocese and also nationally and internationally over the last 10 years.  The key is to encourage more people to take

Extending this to a whole season helps churches to identify even more invitational opportunities.

To help churches think about and prepare for A Season of Invitation, the Parish Support Team hosted three 2-hour events in Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield at which Michael Harvey (A Season of Invitation, Executive Team) provided training for clergy, readers, wardens and church members on how to successfully use A Season of Invitation.

A YouTube clip of his Doncaster presentation is on this page.

You can find out more about A Season of Invitation by visiting: 

If you haven't run a 'Back to Church Sunday' event or other invitational event there is also some useful advice in the attached letter.

We do hope that you and your church will be involved in A Season of Invitation and that you will join with us as we pray for people to respond to their invitations.