Common Fund Roadshow

All PCC members are invited to attend one of the four Common Fund Roadshows being held across September.

The evening will be an opportunity to hear from Bishops Pete and Peter and Archdeacons Malcom and Steve who will be explaining the current financial state of the Diocese, exploring the strategy for the coming years, and encouraging you to examine your own PCC financial situation. Alongside this, we will be giving you the time to assess what your pledge for the Common Fund 2019 could be, either to pledge on the night or to take back to your next PCC meeting to confirm.

We are holding four roadshows located across the Diocese, with each one targetted at specific deaneries. If you aren't available for the roadshow for your PCC then please do try and attend one of the other dates. Your PCC will get the most out of the event if you are all able to attend on the same date, so please try and co-ordinate attendance with the aim of encouraging all PCC members to attend. 

To book your place, or the places for all PCC members, click the link below.

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W. Doncaster, Doncaster, Snaith & Hatfield
10th September, 7-9pm 
Holiday Inn Doncaster 

Tankersley, Wath, Adwick-le-Street
11th September, 7-9pm
Tankersley Manor
S75 3DQ


Ecclesfield, Hallam, Ecclesall

27th September, 7-9pm 
Sheffield United FC
S2 4SU

PDF of Directions and Parking for Sheffield United FC, Platinum Suite

Attercliffe, Laughton, Rotherham
18th September, 7-9pm
Holiday Inn Rotherham 
S60 2XL


Click the following link to access the slides used at the Roadshows:

Roadshow Presentation