Resources & Equipping for Hope 2018

Easter resources

Hope 2018 is about using the natural rhythm of the year to share the good news of Jesus – and what better time than Holy Week & Easter. Here is a reminder of some resources available this year.

One Friday ( offers creative ways to engage people on Good Friday / through stations of the cross. Could you take the story out into the community? Some churches already have a silent march of witness but could you do something more imaginative in getting across parts of the story of giving a gift (hot cross bun, chocolate & leaflet, etc.)?

The Easter Hope website ( has articles that you could feature in your church magazine, links to downloadable video clips (the Scripture Union clip is very suitable for children’s groups or all age), and information about a free magazine to distribute to homes. The magazine has some timely content relating to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, a couple high in the public consciousness. You will also find links to ‘Who do you say I am?’ – a booklet about Easter available from CPO & a free video download.

Easter remains a puzzle to many outside the church but we will not change this by keeping it to ourselves; at the very least we can show them that we are excited by what Jesus achieved through his cross and resurrection.

Resources from Hope

Hope shop link is here: you are under no pressure to buy Hope resources but, if any of these things are helpful to you, this is the best place to find them. It includes shirts & caps (potentially useful if you are running events) and mugs.

Hope logo can be downloaded here.

Hope the Heartbeat of Mission is a 220-page resource packed with practical ideas. It is FREE but you have to pay postage and packing. For more details, use the link here: NB. special rates apply to large orders

Hope email updates: if you want to receive a quarterly email bulletin, subscribe on the Hope website and you will get all the latest information and resources.

Equipping people to share their faith

There is a long list of resources already on our website under section 6 of the Mission Action Planning resource 'Evangelism, Outreach & Growth' which you can find here. This includes:

  • NEW (January 2018): #LiveLent is available from Thy Kingdom Come
    • You can download for free all the notes you need to lead a Lent course that helps people to share their faith. We have put the document on the website here (please note the final 2 video links need to be corrected so the download may be more reliable)
    • Alongside the free group material, there is an excellent daily resource for church members, also called LiveLent. It combines prayer, a Bible reading, reflection and (crucially) some actions to help people to begin to share in simple ways what Jesus means to them. We desperately need to set people free to witness. This resource could help those who do not attend small groups as well as those who do. Bulk orders only work out about £2 per booklet - order it from Church House Publishing here
  • ​Church Army's 'Stepping into Evangelism'
  • A list of resources to help you share the gospel message ranging from evangelist J John and a Willow Creek resource to a Papal Encyclical and resources from the Methodist Church and also specifically for rural churches.

Mission Academy Live is a new resource that has been launched to help young Christians to share their faith.

  • Watch the promotional video here
  • Access rhe resources here. The cost of the handbook to deliver this course is only £4.99, which looks like great value

Thy Kingdom Come​

On the back of Thy Kingdom Come, Archbishop Justin Welby has made a set of very short videos in conversation with others to help people to share their faith. You can find them and download for free here. They are intended to be used in groups

Local resources

Please contact John Hibberd at Church House if you would like help with evangelism training at local church or deanery level. John has 20+ years experience of delivering this sort of training and can tailor it to local needs.

Kinder Kalsi at Church Army has also offered this sort of training to those in the Sheffield area.