Reader ministry

These pages are intended for the use of the Readers in the Diocese; they contain news, information that Readers need to know and details about the Executive Committee of the Readers' Association.  They are also intended to be helpful to people who are considering Reader ministry.

Readers are licensed lay ministers in the Church of England. Since 1866 men (and since 1969, women) who feel a calling to a lay ministry of preaching and teaching, have been trained to assist in the worship and teaching of the Church. Readers are not ordained; their ministry springs from the working out of the gospel in their secular lives.

Readers are licensed to preach and teach in their parishes, to lead Morning and Evening Prayer, to assist at communion, but not preside, to take funerals. Many Readers undertake all sorts of pastoral work in their parishes. Some are also trained and licensed Children's Ministers, and many have also been trained on the Worship4Today course. 

There are 189 Readers in the Diocese at present. 61 of these are 70 or over. Our oldest serving Reader is 93 and our youngest is 26. Our most recent cohort of 13 Readers was licensed on 16 September 2017.

All licensed Readers in the Diocese are members of the Reader's Association of the Diocese of Sheffield. Readers in training are associate members.

The Readers' Warden (together with the Hon Secretary of the Readers' Association) keeps the records of the Readers in the Diocese. Any change in contact details should be sent to them.

The Warden (together with the three Assistant Wardens) has an overall pastoral responsibility for Readers, and administers the five year peer reviews for each Reader and the renewal of Permissions to Officiate for those Readers who have reached the age of 70.

Warden: Imogen Clout - email Imogen

Assistant Wardens: Ian Watson (Sheffield), (currently on sabbatical. While he is away Giles Morrison is acting in his place. You can email Giles

Beryl Adamson (Doncaster) email Beryl

Peter Rainford (Rotherham) email Peter

Useful links:

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