Parish Giving Scheme

What is the Parish Giving Scheme?

The Parish Giving Scheme is a new, free resource to help you give financially to your local church, to maintain current mission and ministry and to enable new ways of sharing the love of God.

Tried and tested by more than 24,000 people in over half of dioceses, the Parish Giving Scheme will enable our churches to have sustained, regular funding, whilst significantly reducing the administration time for treasurers and Gift Aid secretaries as Gift Aid is automatically claimed from HMRC.

The Parish Giving Scheme utilises the Direct Debit payment system, meaning it is the most secure and flexible method of regular giving available. You will be in complete control of your donations, and you can easily modify, pause, or stop whenever you like, by sending a letter, making a phone call, or registering online. It is simple and easy to use.

How does the Parish Giving Scheme work?

PGS has been designed to make giving as simple as possible.

You have received this pack because your Parish has already signed-up to PGS, and you are invited to make your gift through this scheme.

All you have to do is fill in the Direct Debit form in this pack, ensuring that you fill in your Gift Aid details if you are eligible. Once you‘ve completed the sign-up form, post it back to PGS using the pre-paid envelope provided.  You will then receive a confirmation letter within five working days which states when your donations will begin. Your donations will then be transfered to your Church each month, with the pattern of payment illustrated in the circle diagram.

If you ever want to change your details or your donation, you can contact PGS. PGS are available by post, phone, or online, and they will make any change requests. No visiting your bank, no awkward conversations with the treasurer, just a simple exchange with the friendly team based in Gloucester.

Benefits of the Parish Giving Scheme

Benefits for donors:

  • A simple way to regularly give financial support to your church
  • Being in total control of your giving
  • The option to increase giving annually to protect your gift against inflation
  • The Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme protects your gifts
  • You can give anonymously if so desired
  • Can give monthly, quarterly or annually

Benefits for your Church:

  • Stable and predictable giving making it easier to budget for the year ahead
  • Efficient reclaim of Gift Aid
  • Protection against inflation by church members choosing to increase their gift annually by inflation rate.
  • It’s free of charge to the church and donors, as costs have been covered by the Diocese through a national restructuring grant

Benefits for your Church Treasurer:

  • Reduced administration and paperwork
  • Saves time for them and the people who count the money

How to sign-up?

First thing you need to do is make sure your church is signed-up. It’s very easy for church to do this, however if more information and further support is needed then get in touch with David Stout our Stewardship and Generous Giving Adviser or email

Once your church is signed-up your treasurer will be able to give you a pack that includes information about the scheme and a sign-up form for you. Included in the pack is a pre-paid envelope for you to send off your form directly to the PGS team based in Gloucester. Depending on when you send this off, your donations could start at the beginning of the next month. You’ll receive a letter confirming the first donation date.

Resources for Churches

Church Pack – this gives a brief overview of the scheme to allow PCC’s to discuss how best to launch PGS in your parish.

FAQs – some of the most often asked questions answered.

Resources for Donors

Donor Pack – an 8 page booklet outlining how PGS works and what benefits it can bring to your church

If you would like either the church sign-up form, or donor sign-up forms then please get in touch with David Stout or email