WW1 Exhibition in Sheffield Cathedral

1st July 2016

This exhibition has been created as part of a project designed to introduce primary school children to the experiences of Sheffield people in the First World War – on the battlefield and at the home front.  The exhibition tells the stories of seven real Sheffield people who were alive at the time and includes archive photographs.  Stories include a child, a female munitions worker, an officer in the York and Lancaster regiment and a Sheffield Pal.    The exhibition will also be open to the general public during Cathedral opening hours.

The exhibition opens on 1 July – the first day of the Battle of the Somme. The battle saw major action from the Sheffield Pals Battalion.

St George’s Chapel is a memorial chapel devoted to the Sheffield Servicemen and women who have served their country.  It is dedicated to the Yorks and Lancaster Regiment.
Research and planning of the exhibition by Laura Alston BA MA [PhD student at the University of Sheffield].

The exhibition and sound have been created by artist Richard Johnson and composer and musician Amanda Johnson of Kidology Arts http://www.kidologyarts.co.uk/
The project and exhibition has been commissioned by Sheffield Cathedral with the kind support of Sheffield Community Covenant.  The exhibition closes on 14 July.

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