The search for a new Bishop of Sheffield…

28th June 2016

What has happened since 12 April?

In the weeks since the announcement, Bishop Steven has been carrying out his role as Bishop of Sheffield as normal.  On 6 July, Bishop Steven will receive Confirmation of Election to his new role in a service at Lambeth Palace.  At this point he ceases to be the Bishop of Sheffield.

On 21 June, the Bishop’s Council approved the delegation by Bishop Steven of his functions as Bishop of the Diocese of Sheffield to Peter Burrows, the Bishop of Doncaster.  This means that until a successor is appointed, Bishop Peter will be carrying out most of the functions of the diocesan bishop.

The Vacancy in See Committee, which leads the appointment process for the Diocese, met for the first time on 15 June.  One of its first major tasks is to start to pull together a ‘Statement of Needs’ for the diocese, on what it needs from the next bishop.  This contains information on key priorities, important values, as well as a detailed review of the diocese and the wider region.  Once completed, this document goes to the Crown Nominations Commission (CNC).  It will form a part of the information the CNC’s members will gather as they start to look at potential candidates.

To begin the drafting of this statement, a smaller task group was elected by the wider committee.  The drafting group met for the first time on 22 June.  The drafting group would like to consult with people in the Diocese of Sheffield to capture a wide picture of priorities and qualities we would value in the new bishop.

To assist with this, a form has been produced that can be filled in online, or printed and posted.  The timescale is quite short, therefore, the deadline for replies is 18 July.  To help process all of the replies, we would urge you to use the online system where possible.  We also appreciate that not everyone has access to a computer, in this case please distribute printed forms in your churches and post them back to us.

The online form can be found here.

A printable version of the form can be downloaded here.

This is not the only time the wider public will be consulted.  In September, the Archbishops’ and Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretaries visit the diocese and meets with a wide range of people.  For example, clergy, councils and councillors, lay ministers, media, police, young people, college and university representatives, charity leaders, housing associations and more.

An advert will also be placed in the Church Times inviting people to write in with their thoughts on the matter.

Our Diocesan Spirituality Advisor, the Revd Neil Bowler has produced a prayer to be used during the discernment period.  The Vacancy in See committee welcomes your support and prayers:

Heavenly Father,

whose risen Son gives gifts of service and leadership to his Church,

grant the wisdom of your Holy Spirit

to all who will discern and choose the next Bishop of Sheffield.

Lead us, Lord, as we journey together

and make your way plain to all.

We ask this through him

who came not to be served but to serve,

Jesus Christ our Lord,


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