The Great Get Together 16-18 June

5th June 2017

Community groups from all over the nation are getting together to put on neighbourhood celebrations and events over the weekend of 16-18 June initiated by the Jo Cox Foundation. This is particularly timely given the recent events in Manchester and London.

Rather than churches doing there own thing it would be great if as many churches as possible could join with events going on near you. To find out what’s happening visit

Here are a few local events to wet your appetite:

  • Sheffield’s Great Get Together at Heeley City Farm - Sunday 18 June 11am-3pm (free entry)
  • St Mark’s Broomhill Community Event and Bake Off with Craft Fair –Saturday 17 June
  • Brodsworth Hall Doncaster - Saturday June 17 10am-6pm

Angie Lauener, the Bishop’s Advisor for Spirituality has written a special prayer for the weekend:

Prayer for The Great Get Together

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for the world you created in all its variety;

for the diverse people you made us.

Forgive us when our differences cause division.

Inspire us to value variety and diversity;

that our shared experience may bring creativity and life,

and comfort and strength in adversity.

May we recognise that we are all brothers and sisters, all your children,

and discover for ourselves that we have more in common than divides us.


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