The Bishop of Sheffield speaks out on refugee crisis

9th September 2015

The Bishop of Sheffield, the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft has spoken out on the refugee crisis in Europe.
In a blog article released today he said:
“The pictures on our screens over the last few days have been heart-rending.  Many of us will have been moved to tears.  But how do we translate this outpouring of compassion into action and help others to do the same?  What should we do?”
He continued, “One of the deepest truths in the Bible is that God blesses people so that those people in turn can become a blessing to others” saying “As a country, we have not been blessed with peace and security and wealth and peace for our own benefit alone”
Commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcement of plans to take in 20,000 refugees from Syria over the next five years, Bishop Steven writes:
“This is a good beginning and a significant shift. It is in addition to the immense contribution Britain is already making to relief in Syria.  But it can only be a beginning to Britain’s response to this crisis.”
His comments come after a meeting with Faith Leaders across the city of Sheffield and with church leaders of different denominations. Sheffield was the first City of Sanctuary in Britain and remains in the front line of welcoming strangers.  Dr Croft said “The faith communities stand ready to help in partnership with local and national government in welcoming those who find a home in our communities whatever their faith and country of origin.”
Bishop Steven has also written to the Prime Minister, urging him to offer leadership in two ways: to support Britain playing its full part in offering sanctuary to those now on the move in Europe as part of a European wide settlement and to encourage new international initiatives to resolve the conflict in Syria which is the root cause of this migration.

He concluded:
“Please translate this outpouring of compassion into action through gifts and support for some of these initiatives.  There is no need to wait until a new wave of refugees arrive.  Charities in the region are already hard at work helping people in need here and across Europe and the Middle East.  Please encourage local and national government that, as a country, we support a bigger, more generous response still to one of the great crises of our age."
The full blog article can be read here.
The full list of local initiatives people can get involved with can be read here.

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