The Bishop of Sheffield hopes to inspire young people with a tour of the Houses of Parliament

23rd October 2015

YMCA White Rose, a local youth work charity working across Rotherham, Sheffield and Wakefield, is taking a group of 13 young people to the Houses of Parliament on Monday 2 November for a tour by the Rt Revd Steven Croft, the Bishop of Sheffield.
The YMCA has a rich history of working closely with local churches to help local young people reach their potential. They do this through running youth groups, training courses and providing safe environments for young people to develop themselves.
Bishop Steven is one of three vice-presidents of YMCA White Rose, and is also one of the sitting Bishops in the House of Lords. As part of his role, he has offered to give the young people a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament whilst he is next sitting in the Lords in early November. He will be sharing about how parliament works, his role within that and how his Christian faith impacts what he does.
Jonathan Buckley, YMCA Ecunite project manager said: "We are really excited about taking the young people to London. The trip and the tour will inspire the young people to see what difference they can make both in their local communities and nationally. Most of the young people are from deprived areas of Rotherham and Sheffield and for many of them, they wouldn't be able to visit the Houses of Parliament if it wasn't for this trip."
Bishop Steven said: "In a year that saw a General Election, I welcome this opportunity to show young people around these vital buildings that play such a major part in the political shaping of our country.  I hope that it will encourage the young people to engage further with the political process; and inspire them to play a role in the future shaping of our towns and cities." 

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