Statement from the Bishops of Sheffield and Doncaster

16th November 2015

We share in the sense of grief, sorrow and shock following the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday evening. 

Churches across the Diocese prayed for those affected by this tragedy over the weekend and we will continue to pray with the people of France in the coming days of mourning.

We will pray for the victims, for the injured and bereaved, for our government and all who will frame a response.

This is a moment for Christians to reach out to those of other faiths in friendship and love.  We will be making joint statements later this week with our fellow faith leaders.  These terrorist attacks are nothing to do with Islam and have been emphatically disowned by the Muslim leaders in our own community. 

We call on all churches and all Christian people to use these weeks to build bridges and stronger relationships with Muslim colleagues, friends and neighbours all across South and East Yorkshire.  Those who are trying to divide us will find that, instead, we become ever more determined to live as one community together. 

+Steven Sheffield

+Peter Doncaster

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