St John's Penistone hosting dementia creative art exhibition

9th May 2016

From Dearne Valley to Detroit

St John's Church Penistone is one of four venues in the Barnsley area that is exhibiting a Creative Arts exhibition. 'The Senses' is the theme for the 8th South Yorkshire Dementia Creative Arts Exhibition taking place in Barnsley between 7-13 May. The annual public exhibition is an event geared towards celebrating the creative talents of everyone affected by dementia, but particularly those living with dementia. The general public and artists themselves will be warmly welcomed and have access to original short films, poetry and paintings, choir recital and photography - and a host of other media, all produced by or with people affected by dementia.

This year in Barnsley there will be four micro-exhibitions hosted by community partners - and the significance of community partnership is at the heart of the event. There is creative artwork contributed this year from people affected by dementia in Detroit, USA, who are hosting their own 'The Senses' exhibition in June. Work from people in South Yorkshire will also be shown in Detroit.

The four micro-exhibitions will be open: 10am-4pm, 7 May; 9am-4pm 9 May to 12 May; and then 9am-12pm 13 May. Everyone is welcome.

The list of venues are as follows:

  • The Atrium at Old Mill Lane, Barnsley College, S70 2YW
  • Beckett's Restaurant, Barnsley Hospital S75 2EP
  • St John's Church, Pensitone S36 6DY
  • St Mary's Church, Barnsley S70 2AH

St John's had an open evening on 6 May where Peter Burrows, Bishop of Doncaster, declared the exhibition 'open' and encouraged everyone to interact with the artwork as it was intended!

Please come and celebrate the talents of people affected by dementia as they explore The Senses.  Everyone is welcome and no booking required.

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