New Director of Formation for Ministry and Principal-Designate of St Peter’s College announced

4th July 2014

The Bishop of Sheffield, Steven Croft has announced the appointment of Dr Christine Gore as the Director for Formation of Ministry at the Diocese of Sheffield.  Dr Gore will also be the Principal designate of St. Peter's College.

Christine is currently the Principal of the Yorkshire Ministry Course (YMC) and was previously on the staff of the Wilson Carlile College of Evangelism in Sheffield.

Originally from Southport in Lancashire, Christine went to university in Edinburgh to study Genetics, followed by a PhD in the Department of Genetics at Glasgow University. After finishing her PhD, Christine went to the local Bible College to study Theology. She then worked with both a para-church organisation and a central London church, teaching and mentoring HE students. A growing desire to teach in theological education led into further study and on to teaching and training evangelists for the Church of England with the Church Army.

Dr Gore has been Principal at YMC since September 2008 teaching Biblical Studies. Her hobbies include photography, singing, films, walking and gardening.

Christine will take up her new post in January 2015.

Bishop Steven said:

"I am absolutely delighted that Christine will be joining the senior team in the Diocese as Director of Formation for Ministry and Principal designate of St Peter's College.  Christine will bring to the post a deep commitment to lay and ordained ministry and a remarkable breadth of experience in formation for ministry. She knows the Diocese well and is known by many people already. We look forward immensely to Christine joining the team early next year."



Christine said: “This post will draw and build on my considerable experience in theological education, and my passion for life-long learning and growing adult disciples.  Encouraging and enabling people to grow in faith, through service, teaching and example, have been the most significant parts of my calling to date and continue to be at the heart of my calling. I am very aware that this role will involve a steep learning curve in some areas, but this has been my experience in all of my working life, and especially as a lay person in the world of the ordained, so it doesn’t faze me, too much!  I am excited about returning to the Diocese of Sheffield after my six year sojourn in West Yorkshire and I look forward to renewing some old acquaintances as well as making many new in this role.”

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