Movement Day: creating unity across Doncaster

26th June 2018

A key unity event was hosted in Doncaster on Wednesday, 20 June at Cast theatre in the centre of the town.

Movement Day (#MOVEDN) was about celebrating unity, connecting those in strategic leadership across Doncaster, and creating a conversation between the Church, Commercial, Civic, and Community quarters.

It is a fact that everything rises or falls on leadership. Whether in a small organisation, or an entire city, leadership sets the culture. Get leadership right and everything else follows.  The day had three aims:

  1. Celebrate unity as one church in Doncaster.
  2. Connect those in strategic leadership across Doncaster.
  3. Create a conversation that will continue into the future.

The day saw guests from the Church of England, Baptists, Methodists, United Reform Church, Roman Catholics, Salvation Army and more.  With Doncaster organisations also well represented with the Civic Mayor of Doncaster; Chief Executive Officer of the Doncaster Chamber; and the Director for People from Doncaster Borough Council.  Contributions also came from Ros Jones, the Mayor of Doncaster and Jo Miller, the Chief Executive of Doncaster Borough Council.

After attending the event, the Bishop of Doncaster, Peter Burrows, said:

“It was an amazing day with a wonderful representation of not only leaders from Christian denominations but also business and civic leaders right across Doncaster.  It was an encouraging and uplifting step on the journey to uniting people from different parts of life in our town.  A united people is a powerful one that can really work together for the common good.”

The church in Doncaster has a great history of working together. In the early 1970s Doncaster United Christian Fellowship (DUCF) worked as a significant ecumenical movement in the town. Mission Doncaster (previously called “Alive in Mission – Doncaster Fellowship of Churches”) formally began in 1986. In 2006, Mission Doncaster was re-branded, and adopted as a project of The Jubilee Trust. The Mission Doncaster brand now acts as an umbrella providing administrative and financial support to a range of initiatives, which includes the Church Leaders Network, One Heart One Voice. Those involved work together through shared relationships, shared values and a shared vision. It combines individual resources, but also provides supportive and accountable relationships for a stable platform to work and grow.

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Movement Day UK is a transformational movement that aims to help cities and towns around the UK to host events that draw God’s people together strategically to impact on their communities.  See for more information on the national perspective.

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