Latest Bishop’s Business Breakfast held at Doncaster College

21st April 2015

Bishop Peter held a breakfast meeting on the morning of 21 April for business leaders across the Doncaster region.  Held quarterly, the aim of the event is to bring together faith, community, business and public sector leaders across Doncaster, to share initiatives, thoughts and ideas that improve the town.

Gathering in the Waterfront room at Doncaster College, Bishop Peter introduced the first speaker, Mark Robson from UK Trade and Investment (UKTI).

Mark gave an overview of the main services that UKTI does for local companies, the main aim being to sell British products overseas and to encourage foreign investment in the UK.  He has 7,000 clients in the Yorkshire area.  Mark said: “it is all about creating wealth and helping companies to grow, find new markets and improve the skills they need to do this”.

He continued: “For example, we held an event in Belgrade where we took 20 Yorkshire beers to promote the product and help companies to enter new markets”.

UKTI is also increasing its work with the Foreign Office - looking at improving human rights of workers across the world.

The second speaker for the business meeting was Keith Madeley.  He started his presentation by reminding everyone: “Yorkshire Day is on 1 August and it promises to be quite a day in Doncaster so get involved!”

He was there to talk about an initiative called ‘Meet the Cones’.  This is a children’s book telling the story of how road cones come to life when no-one is looking at them.  The books contain subliminal messages with good moral stories and happy endings.  It has proved very popular in primary schools and Keith promised that “you’ll never look at cones in the same way again!”

Recognising the difficult environments local companies operate in, Bishop Peter ended the meeting by assuring people that they were always held in the prayers of faith leaders across Doncaster, and to just ask if there is anything more specific to be prayed for.

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