In a Star-lit stable

5th December 2014

In a Star-lit stable book coverHave you ever heard of the Angel Gabriel narrating the Christmas story as a roving Sky news reader? Or wondered what the animals in the stable thought to the birth of a new king?

A new book has been released this Christmas that contains twelve plays telling the Christmas story in a variety of amusing and moving ways.  They are designed to be performed during the Christmas crib or Christingle service, interspersed with carols and readings.  The book even provides help on costumes and set design!

All perspectives of the Christmas story are considered, with plays such as “What the animals saw”, “The Gatekeeper” and “Baboushka”.

The book has been written by Imogen Clout, an Anglican Reader that attends St Andrew’s Psalter Lane Church in Sheffield.  She has been writing plays for the Christmas Eve Christingle service for 16 years.  The Christingle service is the most well attended service of the year.

Imogen said:

“It would be easy to dismiss this attendance as a non-religious hankering for sentimentality.  I think that it is something more, and springs from a hunger people find hard to voice. Going to church is now an unfamiliar experience for many people, and, therefore, off-putting and scary.  However, at Christmas with your children you may feel bolder and more comfortable.”

The book is available directly from: St Andrew’s church office in Psalter Lane which is open weekday mornings except Friday; Oxfam in Broomhill; CLC Bookshop; and online at, Blackwell online and Amazon.

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